Independence affirmed through peace

ARS Georgia held the already traditional creative essay contest at the Armenian Youth, Educational and Cultural Centers in Akhalkalak (24 June) and Akhaltskha (26 June). The schoolchildren of the Ninotsminda district were also participating in the contest in Akhalkalak. Overall, there were 122 participants, including schoolchildren representing the corresponding groups of the Youth Centers.

The topic of peace was current. The proposed titles corresponding to the title were related to peace and independence. The titles “Victory Flag”, “Sing Lark Farms of the Sunrise”, “My Brother: Soldier and Supporter of Peace”, “Words of Love and Solidarity” were the more common ones. The results of the contest will be announced in a couple of days.

The organizers say the winners will be granted prizes and all participants will receive Certificates of Honor

On the same day, alongside the June 26 essay contest, ARS Georgia held an Armenian History Contest entitled “The Geography of My Birthplace” at the Armenian Youth, Educational and Cultural Center of Akhaltskha.