Public discourse on Akhaltskha’s budget for the year 2017

Representatives of the city council of Akhaltskha participated in the discussion on the city’s budget for the year 2017. Among the representatives of Armenia organizations were the founder of the Democratic Union of Nations of Georgia Ashot Kavaleryan and Director of the Media Analysis Center of Samtskhe-Javakhk Eduard Ayvazyan.

The discussion began with a speech by Head of the Sacrebulo of Akhaltskha Davit Lomidze. “The regional development foundation has allocated 2,250,000 Laris and has distributed the funds to solve issues in various sectors, including infrastructure projects and social programs. As far as the sacrebulo’s budget is concerned, we reduced it by 126,000 Laris and immediately allocated it for the implementation of infrastructural projects,” head of the city council Davit Lomidze.

After being introduced to the draft of the city’s budget, the participants of the meeting expressed their views on the budget. The attendees said it would be nice, if the city solved the issues related to stray dogs, public restrooms, the renovation of the local cultural center, public transportation and the wrongly placed road signs.

According to Davit Lomidze, the budget for the year 2017 in Akhaltskha will make up nearly 7,900,000 Laris. According to the draft, administrative expenditures have been reduced by 798,200 Laris.