Ninotsminda hosts Armenian Gata Festival

On March 22, Median Day of Great Lent (Mijink), crowds gathered at St. Sargis Church in Ninotsminda, in the courtyard and the Rafael Javakh Educational and Cultural Center.

As reported the press divan of the Rafael Javakh Center to Hayern Aysor, the gatas presented at the festival were brought yesterday and were delivered to the Church to the sounds of psalms. The local spiritual pastor, Fr. Priest Armash Poghosyan blessed the gatas, their “authors” and the attendees.

The festive event began in the yard of the Rafael Javakh Center. While the contest committee would select the best gatas, the choir and the Center’s dance ensemble gave a lovely open-air concert for the public.

Sahakanoush Gharslyan won first place, followed by Aza Gokoryan and Angelina Sanosyan in second place, and Gaiane Iritsyan, Anahit Sahakyan and Pertchanush Kirakosyan shared the third palce. The winners received diplomas and precious gifts.

The Master of Ceremonies was Director of the Center Zhora Snkhchyan.