Georgian FM: We appreciate Armenia’s position to jointly move towards specific programs

Georgia highly appreciates the position of the Armenian prime minister on moving forward together towards specific programs and results.

Foreign Minister of Georgia, Mikheil Janelidze, said the aforementioned at the meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on Tuesday.

The Armenian PM welcomed the visit of the Georgian FM and the delegation led by him to Armenia, stressing that Armenia and Georgia have reliable and friendly relations, the press-service of the Armenian Government informed Armenian News – Karen Karapetyan expressed satisfaction with the results of his official visit to Georgia in February, within the framework of which specific issues aimed at enhancing the bilateral economic ties were discussed with his Georgian counterpart.

In this context, the Armenian PM underscored the importance of promotion of business ties, integration unions and implementation of projects aimed at increasing exchange of experience in the sphere of cooperation, tourism and IT sector within the framework of free trade zones, and raising mutual recognizability among youth and other directions.

Mikheil Janelidze, for his part, reconfirmed the interest of the Georgian PM to implement the aforementioned arrangements reached during the Armenian PM’s visit. He stressed that Georgia is already making certain steps in that direction. Apart from this, the Georgian FM congratulated Karen Karapetuan on holding the parliamentary elections on high level.

Furthermore, the interlocutors exchanged views on the process of economic cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats, referring to the further steps. Karen Karapetyan and Mekheil Janelidze underscored the importance of creating the Meghri free trade zone on the border with Iran, as well as holding of Georgian business days in Armenia in the future. The sides agreed that these initiatives will serve as an efficient platform for learning about the opportunities to enter the markets of third countries and make them more accessible.

The Armenian PM and Georgian FM also underscored the importance of ensuring regional security and stability.