Memorial section of House-Museum of Troubadour Jivani to be renovated

The memorial section of the House-Museum of Troubadour Jivani will undergo renovation. On May 23, Merited Architect of the Republic of Armenia Hovhannes Mutafyan and research worker of the Museum of Archaeology and Armenian Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia Argam Yeranosyan paid a working visit to the Kartsakh village of Javakhk along with representatives of the executive board of the Support to Javakhk Foundation and member of the Foundation’s board of trustees Gagik Varderesyan.

The memorial section of the house-museum is scheduled to be renovated. In particular, the layers of the land will be removed, the rotten timbers will be replaced with new timbers, and the walls and roof will be fortified.

It is envisaged to restore the memorial section by maintaining the features of the 19th-20th century Armenian folk home in Javakhk, which is considered a major asset in terms of ethnography. The works include a study of the 19th-20th century homes preserved in Kartsakh village and the nearby areas, preparation of the plan for interior design and inventory of domestic appliances,” the administration of the House-Museum of Troubadour Jivani reports.

The plan for establishment of the House-Museum of Jivani is composed of two stages, including the gallery section (built in 2016 and opened in August of this year) and renovation of the memorial section where the great troubadour spent the years of his childhood. The opening of the second section is scheduled for August 2017.