Investigative Committee: Armenia citizen kept in Georgia’s Azerbaijani village for 14 years

The Investigative Committee of Armenia has launched a criminal case into the labor trafficking of an Armenian citizen in Soganlug village of Georgia.

Media monitoring revealed several publications regarding the exploitation of the Armenian citizen in the Azerbaijani village of Georgia, the press service of the Investigative Committee reports. According to the publications, on July 28, the spokesperson for the Armenian MFA stated that an Armenian citizen was kept in slavish conditions in an Azerbaijani village of Georgia, where he was subjected to labor trafficking. The man managed to return to Armenia.

To find out the circumstances, materials have been prepared upon the order of Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Head of Department of Particularly Important Cases Vahagn Harutyunyan.

It was found out that in 2003 the aforementioned Armenian citizen left for Georgia in search for work. He turned to a driver of a random car, requesting to support him in looking for a job. The latter took him to the Azerbaijani village Soganlug, where an Azerbaijani family kept him in slavery till 7 May 2017, taking advantage of the man’s ignorance about the location. The man was forced to work for free, lived in an attic and slept on cardboard boxes.

A criminal case has been launched under Article 132 of the Armenia Criminal Code. Investigation is underway.