A number of Armenian organizations in US have issued against the statement on Armenia’s support to the CSTO about Syria

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Council, which operates under the political dictate of the Russian Federation, on April 14th, 2018 issued a statement that among other things called the missile attack on the chemical weapons depot and other structures by the US, French, and British coalition forces illegal and against the international law. The statement also mentioned that the United States and its allies are endangering the anti-terrorist campaign in Syria and leading that country to destruction. The CSTO also includes the Republic of Armenia as a member.

Given that the Armenian authorities have for many years formed based on illegal and fraudulent elections and clan principles, have turned Armenia into a Russian colony, destroying all institutions of independent statehood, we—US-based Armenian organizations—note that the Armenian authorities are illegal, do not represent the interests of the state and the population of the Republic of Armenia, therefore have no right to make statements on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, and by doing so endangering the partnership between the US and Armenia as well as Armenia’s security, by putting Armenia on a path of full political isolation.


Geopolitical Club

Policy Forum Armenia

Armenian Renaissance Los Angeles Chapter

Armenian American Civil support center