Schoolchildren from Norshen village of Samtskhe-Javakhk were hosted at the Presidential Palace Armen Sarkissian hosted today high-school students from the Armenian village Tsaktbila (Norshen) of Akhaltskha region of Samtskhe-Javakhk province in Georgia.

The President conversed with the students, inquired on the professions they would like to choose, about their dreams, asked if they have preserved the dialect of Norshen village in Erzrum, culture and traditions whose holders are the inhabitants of Norshen in Javakhk. Later, the President responded to the questions of the schoolchildren which mostly pertained to choosing a profession and concentration studies.

The President advised to choose a profession which is close to their hearts. “Whatever you do in your life, do it eagerly. Find the profession which is yours, something you will do with pleasure and affection. Be the best in your profession.” 

He also urged them to preserve and carry on with the traditions and culture inherited from their grandpas, “Remember that you are proud Armenians and have great Fatherland – the Republic of Armenia and your village, which is also your homeland. Never lose connection to your roots.”