The Confederation of Armenian Organizations of Belgium expresses its resolute support for the Armenians of Javakhk

Recently, Azerbaijan has actively launched an anti-Armenian activity in Georgia to destabilize the situation in our friendly country. A state of corrupt and authoritarian regime has raised a huge anti-Armenian wave in Georgia through its media and hired opposition politicians. The reason is allegedly the restored bust of Artsakh freedom fighter Mikayel Avagyan in Akhalkalak district’s village of Boughashen, but we are convinced that the Azerbaijani state has a serious program to create tension in the Armenian-populated Javakhk.

For this purpose, the authoritarian regime of Azerbaijan Republic, not being satisfied with the active anti-Armenian hysteria of hired media and politicians, also included the Azerbaijani community of Georgia in its dangerous games.

The anti-Armenian demonstrations held on February 8 in front of the Parliament in Tbilisi demanded that the Georgian authorities dismantle Mikayel Avagyan’s bust and thus create serious tensions in Javakhk. The goal of Azerbaijan is not only the dismantling of the bust of a freedom fighter in reality, but to provoke the Armenian-Georgian conflict over this topic.

That is why the Confederation of Armenian Organizations in Belgium urges the Georgian authorities and friendly to us people to preserve European values ​​and not give in to authoritarian Azerbaijan and subjected to it forces, whose aim is to destabilize Georgia.

We express our solid support to Javakhk Armenians and warn Azerbaijan and its provocative forces that in case of such behavior, the confederation of Armenian organizations in Belgium will have to resort to all the possible means to curb Azerbaijani provocations against the statehood of Georgia and the Armenian people.

February 9, 2019