Statement by Armenian American Organizations on Georgia Events

The monument dedicated to the memorial of Mikayel Avagyan, a worthy child of the Armenian nation in the village of Bughashen in Akhalkalak, has caused the Republic of Azerbaijan to now involve its compatriots living in neighboring Georgia in its xenophobic, vicious and provocative policies to provoke interethnic instability. At the rally held in front of the Georgian Parliament, they demanded to dismantle the monument of our compatriot participant of the Artsakh liberation war, presenting him as an enemy of Georgia. Unfortunately, some representatives of the Georgian opposition support this disdain. However, according to our information, to this moment the Georgian authorities are demonstrating a balanced approach to this issue, which we welcome and urge the Georgian authorities hereinafter also not to give in to further Azeri provocations. We are deeply interested in the stability of Georgia and the development of Armenian-Georgian centuries-old ties. Different organizations of the Armenian Diaspora have already issued statements on this issue. We, a number of organizations operating in the United States, doubtlessly declare that we stand beside our compatriots living in Georgia, condemn the Azerbaijani provocation and will do our utmost to neutralize these and other provocations.

USA Hayduk Union

USA Geopolitical Club

USA Armenian Writers and Journalists Union

In Defense of Armenia

Sasna Tzrer Los Angeles Chapter

USA Armavir Compatriotic Union

Armenian Renaisance – New York Chapter

Armenian Renaisance – Boston Chapter

Diaspora Unity Platform