Open Letter to: Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia

Dear Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia;

with the initiative of the Diaspora Unity Platform, a telethon-fundraising was organized to support our compatriots living in Samtskhe-Javakheti and especially the youth to have their own sports and cultural center. The idea of ​​the program came from purely humanitarian principles and specifically at a time when the boxing hall in Akhaltsikhe city, which had given many good athletes to Georgia, which was located adjacent to the Armenian school in Akhaltsikhe, was closed. Besides that, another one of the goals of our fundraising was to create a cultural group for young people to be closer to their ethnic culture and at the same time to better understand the Georgian culture.
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, we are convinced that Georgia, as a country of democratic and high universal values, must not only allow the implementation of such a program for the purposes of its own citizens, but must also support the implementation of that program.
In this perception, one unfortunate thing happened at the Tbilisi Airport on June 30th this year that is incomprehensible for us, when Eduard Enfiajyan, with Akhaltsikhe roots, was forbidden to enter Georgia and visit his ancestors’ tombs. Eduard Enfiajyan was one of the main initiators of the June 2nd fundraising event in Glendale, USA, and his ban on entering Georgia is in our opinion directly linked to the fundraising, based on that we assume that Georgian authorities are hampering the program for the construction of the cultural center due to misinformation about the program.
In view of all this, we would like to point out once again that the above-mentioned program is an open and transparent program, which will serve the interests of the Georgian citizens and no conspiracy can be sought in this case. We hope that this letter will get your attention and we will not only work together to eliminate the obstacles created by misunderstanding, but together we will bring to life this wonderful program aimed at ensuring the youth’s cultural development.

Diaspora Unity Platform
USA, Los Angeles-Glendale