American-Armenian Organizations Congratulate French President Emmanuel Macron

Palais de l’Élysée
55 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris, France

Dear Mr. President Macron,

The Armenian community of the United States received wonderful news on April 24, 2022, regarding your victory in the 2022 Presidential Elections of France.

Your various approaches to the geopolitical developments across the world have been consistently harmonious with those exhibited and practiced by both nations of France and Armenia.

You are one of the bearers of the traditional Armenian-French friendship and solidarity; therefore, the citizens of the Armenian Republic and the Armenian Diaspora greatly adore and respect you.

We, the Armenians of Los Angeles, wish to join our compatriots and representatives in France and across the world in congratulating you, and would like to wish you infinite success in the future governance of France and strengthening the France-Armenia relations by raising it to newer, higher levels of partnership and alliance.

USA based Hayduk, Inc., A Public Organization
USA based Geopolitical Club, Inc., A Public Organization
USA based Spyurqi Miasnutyan Hartak Diaspora Unity Platform, Inc., A Public Organization
USA based Armenian Union, Inc., A Public Organization
USA based Armenia of Tomorrow, A Public Organization
USA based Army of lions Martial Arts Academy
USA based American Center For Justice & Democracy