Gov’t Offers Saakashvili Transfer to Private Clinic

Justice Minister Rati Bregadze said today the Government will offer jailed former President Mikheil Saakashvili a transfer to the private clinic Vivamedi to prevent any “possible complications” to his health.

The development comes amid concerns about the worsening condition of the ex-President’s health, with calls mounting on the Georgian Dream Government to transfer Saakashvili for treatment abroad. MORE

In a press briefing today, the Justice Minister reiterated that Saakashvili, currently in Rustavi Prison, refuses to take some of his prescribed medicine, “essentially refusing the complete treatment with his own decision.”

He also claimed that the former President only selectively consumes food, “endangering his own health.”

If transferred to the private clinic, doctors will examine the former President and treat him accordingly if needed, the Justice Minister noted.

“As a responsible state, we always act in the best interests of the health and life of any human being,” the Minister added.

In the latest evaluation, the group of experts assembled by the Public Defender to monitor Saakashvili’s health said on April 27 that the ex-President was suffering from “protein starvation,” with his health further deteriorating since January.

Maia Sandu, President of Moldova, was the latest among the international community to express concern over “worrying reports on Mikheil Saakashvili’s deteriorating health” on May 6.