Armenian “PESA” Donald Wilson Bush launches global campaign to unify all Christians and Armenians from the Holy Land

Donald Wilson Bush, President of the Woodrow Wilson Legacy Foundation and the Armenian National Association, respectively, and the Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of HYECoin Inc. was invited by the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem to address the members of St. James Brotherhood on certain matters in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

During the Easter Week visit, Bush travelled with his family from Jerusalem to Jaffa and eastward to see a variety of Christian holy sites in the Old City Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho.

Then, following the sacred baptism of his twin children Lilly and Wil at the historic St. Nicholas Armenian Monastery in Jaffa, Bush and his family travelled to the Jordan River for a ritual blessing by the V. Rev. Fr. Diran Hakobyan of the St. James Brotherhood, Patriarchate of Jerusalem, who also served as Godfather for the children’s christening.

“Donald Wilson Bush is a rare gift to the Armenian community,” Hakobyan said. “And we are grateful for his love and concern for preserving our Armenian culture, history, heritage and our beloved homeland.”

Bush also joined with many thousands of Armenian pilgrims who had travelled to Jerusalem this year to participate in the annual “Celebration of Light” held at the Holy Sepulcher of Jesus Christ in Old City Jerusalem.

Impressed with the involvement of Armenians in the development of early Christianity and their connection to the Ante Nicene Fathers, Donald Wilson Bush commented on the ritual’s significance to his own Scottish Reformed, Evangelical Faith.

“The Armenian People are uniquely positioned in history as those who laid the foundation of Western Christianity,” Bush responded. “My Armenian family has been faithful to keep the light of Christianity burning from the first century forward and they can absolutely take credit for the success of the Western Civic Tradition along with my Scottish Presbyterian forbears who built America in the first place.”

Specifically, Donald Wilson Bush is working to unify all Christians and Armenians globally through the Armenian National Association and HYECoin, Inc.

Bush’s objective is to champion the cause of all Armenians everywhere by unifying them and recognizing them on the global stage as the world’s first Christian nation.