The Open Letter to US and EU Ambassadors in Georgia

On the night of September 13, the Azerbaijan armed forces grossly violated the ceasefire regime established between Armenia and Azerbaijan and attacked a number of cities and regions of Armenia. Azerbaijan carried out its aggression against the sovereign territory of a neighboring state using artillery and UAVs. As a result of the large-scale aggression carried out by Azerbaijan, there are wounded civilians in Armenia, as well as significant damage to civilian buildings.

At this time, when the entire civilized world, together with Ukraine, is fighting against the aggressive actions of Russia, Azerbaijan, Russia’s southern ally, is bombing the territory of sovereign Armenia, which professes democratic principles. Azerbaijan is trying to achieve the formation of the Zangezur corridor by military aggression, blackmail and threats of occupation. That is why the international community, led by the US and the EU, is obliged to support a small and sovereign Armenia firmly on the democratic path so that the same scenario that is being carried out today against a sovereign and democratic Ukraine is not carried out against Armenia.

Despite the fact that Armenia is considered a member of the CSTO and an ally of the Russian Federation, we must note with all responsibility that these allied relations between Armenia and the Russian Federation were established back in the days when the Russian Federation was a partner of the US and the EU. Then Armenia established allied relations in order to ensure its own security. Today we have to state with pain that the Russian Federation has turned from an ally and guarantor of Armenia’s security into a state that wants to usurp the sovereignty of this country. This fact cannot but be noticed by the US and the EU.

Dear Ambassadors, that is why we want to appeal through you to the high-ranking officials of the US and the EU with a call to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of small Armenia, which has embarked on a democratic path of development. We call for decisive action and a sign of equality between all authoritarian regimes that are trying to seize the territories of neighboring countries by force and violence, which is unacceptable according to all international standards.

Media Analytical Center Samtskhe-Javakheti

Georgia 13.09.2022