I remain inspired by Armenians’ commitment to the democratic values: Reeker

Philip Reeker, Senior Adviser for Caucasus Negotiations of the US State Department, released a video message from Yerevan.

“It’s a pleasure being in Yerevan again. My second visit and my current capacity as the Senior Adviser for Caucasus Negotiations at the US Department of State. As in my previous visits, I remain inspired by Armenians’ commitment to the democratic values that both our countries share.

Despite the challenges this country face, this commitment represents the future for Armenia and for the whole South Caucasus region. I am grateful for the important and productive meetings I had with the government members, including Prime Minister Pashinyan and Foreign Minister Mirzoyan, as well as civil society representatives and other stakeholders here in Yerevan. Earlier this week I held similar meetings in Baku, and in Tbilisi as well. The United States has been engaged at top levels including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to support direct dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We are committed to promoting a peaceful future for the South Caucasus region.

We firmly believe that continued direct dialogue, diplomacy, not military action is key to resolving issues, and to reaching a comprehensive, lasting peace and prosperity for all.

We all understand that this is not easy, but I want to restate what Secretary Blinken said during his meeting in Washington with Foreign Minister Mirzoyan and Foreign Minister Bayramov. The US is committed to doing everything that we can to support your efforts towards a durable peace,” Reeker stated.