Erdogan and Kılıçdaroğlu are main contenders for position of president

The pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party will not nominate its own candidate for the President of Turkey in the elections to be held on May 14. Party co-chairman Pervin Buldan informed journalists about this, TASS reports.

Earlier, the leadership of the party made it clear that it is possible to support the opposition candidate, leader of the People’s Republican Party, Kemal Kılıchdaroğlu in the elections.

According to analysts, the leader of the opposition and the current President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will be the main contenders in the race for the position of president.

The previous presidential elections were held on June 24, 2018. Erdogan won, receiving 52.6% of the votes.

At the same time, the Central Electoral Commission of Turkey received applications from 11 candidates to participate in the presidential elections. Politicians applied to participate in the elections earlier. The commission examined the previously received applications and decided that these persons have legal grounds to participate in the May 14 presidential elections.

Until March 27, each of the candidates must submit a protocol signed by 100,000 voters to the CEC for final nomination. Yesterday, Turkish President Recep Erdogan also officially applied to the CEC to register as a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. Presidential elections will be held in Turkey on May 14 along with the parliamentary elections.