After February earthquakes, 101 million tons of debris and garbage created in Turkey

Turkey to remove 101 million tons of garbage and rubble from February earthquakes This was reported on March 24 by the Hürriyet newspaper.

The Ministry of the Environment of the country said that the volume of debris and debris left after the earthquakes is approximately 46 million cubic meters.

More than 16 million tons of garbage will be removed in the southern province of Hatay alone.

At least 2.5 million tons of garbage and debris can be sent for recycling.

The authorities stressed that the presence and quantity of asbestos is constantly checked at the work site in order to exclude air pollution. Waste disposal sites are planned to be arranged in public areas; if there are no suitable ones, abandoned pastures will be used.

In addition, the ministry assured that residents of badly damaged and destroyed houses will be able to get their valuables back. They will be taken out of the wreckage in the first place and handed over to the owners.

Earlier it was reported that mass housing construction will start in 11 provinces of Turkey affected by earthquakes. It is planned to build 46,300 residential buildings per year.

Recall, on February 6, two earthquakes with a magnitude of more than seven points occurred in Turkey.

The tremors, followed by thousands of aftershocks, were also felt in neighboring countries, of which Syria was the hardest hit.

According to the latest data, the number of victims of earthquakes in Turkey has exceeded 50 thousand people.