Georgian President Zourabicvili plans no resignation after Court rules she violated Constitution

“The Constitutional Court should be ashamed of its decision,” said Georgian President Salome Zourabicvhili in response to its recent ruling that the President “violated” the Constitution because of her official visits overseas without the government’s approval, Georgian Public Broadcaster reports.
“My heart ached a little today, but nothing surprises me in this nation anymore. I wasn’t shocked by today’s verdict, but I was sorry for the Constitutional Court, which has remained one of the few areas in our legal system where the court still merits some faith,” she stated.
The President stressed that her “period of quiet” has come to an end. “Until now, I had refrained from speaking because I felt it was unnecessary for me to interfere directly in the Constitutional process while it was ongoing.”
Zourabichvili believes today’s ruling “is a significant detriment to the country at a time when virtually all independent institutions are already skewed and there is just one protector of independence – the President.”
She underscored that she would not resign and keep fighting for the nation’s European and democratic future. “Because today they destroyed the European future with one stone, or sought to suffocate democracy as well; a country with no balance between different branches cannot be deemed democratic.”
In her address, the President expressed readiness to arrive at the parliament for an impeachment hearing, advising the opposition “to stand outside and stand against this anti-European impeachment if they want to present a strong image.”
“I will go to the Parliament and I do not need anyone’s support when I stand before those ‘little men’ there.”
Zourabichvili went on to say, “This is a [Georgian] Dream’s attempt but ‘Dream’s dreaming has ended up. I will not live up to their dreams and I will not go anywhere. Now let them think for themselves, then which Salome Zourabichvili was better for them. I’m disinterested now.”