Syunik is sovereign territory of Armenia: Amirbekov

Baku recognizes Syunik as a sovereign territory of Armenia, Elchin Amirbekov, the representative of the President of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with the Russian service of the BBC, answering the question about Armenia’s concerns regarding possible threats from Azerbaijan.
“We accept that it is the sovereign territory of Armenia. It is important to understand how the Armenian side will ensure the safety of traffic through the transport corridor,” Amirbekov stated. “Reliable security guarantees are necessary for every passenger who will board a train from the main part of Azerbaijan to Nakhijevan or in the opposite direction,” the politician said.
Amirbekov added that Baku is ready for negotiations, but if Armenia decides to postpone the process, then Azerbaijan is ready to create a route through the territory of Iran.
However, the representative of the President of Azerbaijan did not address the issue of what compromises Baku is ready to make in terms of possible unblocking of communications, and what mechanisms will be used to ensure the safety of Armenian passengers.