Russia is ready to provide cartographic documents for delimitation of border between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Overchuk

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk commented on the sidelines of the XVI Verona Eurasian Economic Forum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on the activities of the trilateral working groups of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan on the unblocking of regional transport communications and the delimitation of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.
“Border delimitation between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a bilateral matter. And the co-chairs are Armenian and Azerbaijani vice premiers. As for the Russian Federation’s role in this process, we are always ready to provide our assistance. We are ready to assist and provide all the documents, including cartographic documents that Russia historically has.
“Formally, there is a working group for the unblocking of [regional] communications. The last time we had a meeting was on June 2. The text of the important joint document on the launch of the railway construction through Meghri [city of Armenia] is pretty much ready as well.
“As for the road construction itself, you know, Azerbaijan has already started the highway construction through Iran, bypassing the territory of Armenia. As far as we know, a memorandum has also been signed between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Islamic Republic of Iran on the railway construction via Iran bypassing the territory of Armenia,” Overchuk told Alpha News.
Also, he addressed the construction of the North-South highway being constructed in Armenia and its significance for Russia as part of the shared North-South corridor.
“This is a very important infrastructural project that will reach from Iran to Georgia via Armenia. And, of course, considering the Upper Lars [motorway between Russia and Georgia], this [project] also will play an important role in our North-South corridor, we are sure about this,” the Russian deputy PM noted.