US, EU start talking to Ukraine about peace talks with Russia: NBC

US and European officials have started talking to their Ukrainian counterparts about possible peace talks with Russia and what Kiev might have to give up to reach a deal, NBC television reported, citing US officials, TASS reports.
They started “quietly talking to the Ukrainian government about what possible peace negotiations with Russia might entail” to end the conflict, the report said.
“The conversations have included very broad outlines of what Ukraine might need to give up to reach a deal,” it said.
Some of the talks took place last month, NBC said. They reflect concerns that the conflict has reached a stalemate and about the ability to continue providing aid to Ukraine, according to the report.
Officials said “Ukraine likely only has until the end of the year or shortly thereafter before more urgent discussions about peace negotiations should begin,” NBC said.
Russia has repeatedly stated its views on the situation around Ukraine at different levels. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow has always been and remains open to a diplomatic solution to the crisis and is ready to respond to serious proposals, while the Kiev regime has interrupted and banned negotiations with Russia.