According to Passport Index’s Passport Power -2024 ranking, UAE has most powerful passport

The Passport Index is a classification of countries according to the principle of free movement of their citizens, whether visa-free or visa-on-arrival.
According to the 2024 ranking, Georgia is in 34th place in our region. Citizens of the Republic can visit 80 countries without a visa, 51 countries with a visa upon arrival, and a visa is required to visit 67 countries with a Georgian passport.
Armenia and Azerbaijan share the 61st place. 37 countries visa free, 46 visa on arrival, 115 countries visa required.
The UAE passport is recognized as the most powerful globally, securing the first rank by providing entry to 180 countries (132 without a visa and 48 with visa upon arrival). Following closely, the Qatari passport is positioned at 44th globally and second in the Arab world, enabling entry to 117 countries (73 visa-free and 44 with visa upon arrival).
The passport of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia secures the fourth position in the Arab world and 47th globally, facilitating entry to 101 countries (56 visa-free and 45 with visa upon arrival).
On a global scale, the German passport shares the second position with the Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch passports, each granting access to 178 countries. The Swedish passport, along with the Finnish, Luxembourgish, Austrian, and Swiss passports, secures the third position globally, providing entry to 177 countries.