Prime Minister Kobakhidze says Georgia-US relations need to be restarted and improved

Georgia-US relations need to be restarted and improved. We will do everything for this, stated Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze at a press briefing.
The Prime Minister stressed the importance of recognizing the need to reset and enhance these relations, urging constructive actions, reports.
“We are fully committed to this endeavour. It’s crucial to see reciprocal steps taken by our American counterparts. Resorting to blackmail tactics is counterproductive and undermines healthy relations.
Therefore, I remain hopeful that the significance of restarting and improving relations will be duly recognized by all parties involved, leading to concrete steps forward.
I recall a conference held around 2018 or 2019, discussing foreign aid prospects with some reservations. During that conference, former Ambassador Ian Kelly stated that in the case of America, the reservations did not have much weight anyway because the American aid was mainly carried out through NGOs.
I can’t really call it a genuine assistance. Regarding infrastructure development, roads are primarily constructed by the Ministry, sometimes with loans, less American. Our citizens contribute through taxes, which fund the construction of roads across the country,” stated the PM.