Activities of Iranian consulate in Kapan are going well: Kanaani

The Armenian side is making necessary preparations for the opening of Consulate General in Tabriz, Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, said at a briefing today.
Nasser Kanaani also noted that Iran and Armenia had signed an agreement on the opening of consulates in Tabriz and Kapan in the past years, and Iran’s consulate general was officially opened during the late Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahyan’s visit to Armenia.
The Armenian government okayed the decision on opening a Consulate General in Tabriz on April 25.
Since October, the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been operating in the city of Kapan, Syunik region. The establishment of the Consulate General in Tabriz will ensure the implementation of the principle of reciprocity, the government believes.